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Happy Birthday Jesus - Alabama

(C/*_ 4/4 Slow, mfb Alabama, CD-Alabama II Christmas Song #8)
http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/alabama_1/102478/album.jhtml - here a sound bit from Alabama's Album.

Verse 1
C              F    G7-C                 F
Happy Birthday Jesus,  It's that time of year
Am      G      F      C          Dm                G
All the lights on the trees, Say Christmas time is here
C                 F      G7-C                     F
Another year is behind us,  You helped us make it through
Am       G        F           C       G        C
So happy birthday Jesus, This song is just for you

Verse 2
C             F       G7-C           F
We all get so hung up,   On material things
   Am       G          F     C         Dm               G7
At times it seems like we forget, What Christmas really means
C                         F    G7-C                       F
It should be thanks we're givin', That's why I wrote this tune
Am    G        F           C       G7       C
Happy birthday Jesus, This song is just for you.

          Am            G            F              C
There's a gift for everyone but you, Underneath the tree
       Am                  G                   F                G7
Though it's not much but I hope you like, This song to you from me.

<music:  G7 for 2 bars>

C              F      C                       F

Happy Birthday Jesus, That's why I wrote this tune
   Am    G        F         C       G7       C
So Happy birthday Jesus, My song is just for you

<music:  Am,G,F,C,F7,C>