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The Blessings

(G,*D Slow 4/4)-Alabama '96 Christmas II (by Teddy Gentry,Randy Owen,Ronnie Rogers Song#1)

Verse 1 (Intro: G,C,G,C)
  G                      Bm/G
I stand here looking up, at the stars tonight
Bm4/G                   C
How can one man have so much in life.
                 D          G          C
As I look around me, what a picture it paints
Much more than Lucky, I want to give my thanks
         C                    D
There is food on the table, a log on the fire
    C                          D
And in my woman's eyes there's love and desire
(Oh) The blessings, sent from above
       G            Bm
Oh the blessings, a life full of love
When I look around, I can see, All that's been given me
     Bm                      Em
So I lift my eyes, up to the sky
                       C            D
(Cause) I want to give my, my my my my
               G          C - G - C - G (Ending: C,Bm,G)
Thanks for the blessings.
Verse 2
     G                    Bm/G
Some-times I fall asleep, at the end of the day
Bm4/G                       C
And I forget to thank you,  I'm ashamed to say
         D       G       C
But as I lay me, down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
C                       D
I know you can hear me, hear on earth
C                        D
Thank you for giving me, more than I deserve.