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Amazing Grace

(G,*D Slow)
Words: John Newton 1779 & Music: Virginia Harmony 1831

Verse 1
  G                 C         G
A-mazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound,
That Saved A Wretch Like Me.
  G                  C      G
I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found,
               D     C   -   G
Was Blind, But Now I See.

Verse 2
      G                    C        G
‘Twas Grace That Taught My Heart To Fear,
And Grace My Fears Re-lieved;
    G                 C       G
How Precious Did That Grace A-ppear
           D        C           G
The Hour I First Be-lieved.

Verse 3
      G             C         G
Thro’ Many Dangers, Toils And Snares,
I Have Already Come;
     G                     C         G
‘Tis Grace That Brought Me Safe Thus Far,
               D       C   -   G
And Grace Will Lead Me Home.

Verse 4
     G                    C        G
When We’ve Been There Ten Thousand Years,
Bright Shining As The Sun,
      G               C          G
We’ve No Less Days To Sing God’s Praise
             D        C   -   G
Than When We First Be-gun.

Verse 5: Praise God