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At The Cross

(C,*C 4/4 Slow, By R.E. Hudson)

Verse 1

Alas, And Did My Savior Bleed?
    F               G
And Did My Sovreign Die?
Would He Devote That Sacred Head
    G7             C
For Such A Worm As I?

Verse 2

Was It For Crimes That I Have Done,
   F                G
He Groaned Upon The Tree?
A-mazing Pity! Grace Unknown!
    G7          C
And Love Beyond Degree!

Verse 3

But Drops Of Grief Can Ne’er Repay,
    F              G
The Debt Of Love I Owe:
Here, Lord, I Give Myself Away,
     G7             C
‘Tis All That I Can Do!


       C                            G
At The Cross, At The Cross, Where I First Saw The Light,
                                    C           F
And The Burden Of My Heart Rolled A-way, It Was There By Faith,
     C                    G                      C
I Re-ceived My Sight, And Now I Am Happy All The Day!