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Because He Lives

(G,*D 4/4 Slow)

Verse 1
G                                 C
God Sent His Son, They Called Him Jesus
           G                  D
He Came To Love, Heal And For-give;
             G              C
He Lived And Died To Buy My Pardon,
         G                 D               G - C - G
An Empty Grave Is There To Prove My Savior Lives.

Verse 2
G                               C
How Sweet To Hold, Our New Born Baby
             G                D
And Feel The Pride And Joy He Gives;
            G                C
But Greater Still The Calm A-ssurance,
               G              D               G - C - G
This Child Can Face Uncertain Days Because He Lives.

Verse 3
G                                 C
And Then One Day, I’ll Cross That River,
                  G              D
I’ll Fight Life’s Final War With Pain;
            G                  C
And Then As Death Gives Way To Victory,
             G               D                G - C - G
I’ll See The Lights Of Glory And I’ll Know He Lives.

           G                    C
Because He Lives, I Can Face To-morrow
           G                  D
Because He Lives, All Fear Is Gone;
          G                 C
Because I Know He Holds The Future,
            G                D               G - C - G
And Life Is Worth The Living Just Because He Lives