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Blessed Assurance

(C,*E 6/8 (like ) Slow, By Fanny J. Crosby)

Verse 1
          C         F        C
Blessed A-ssurance, Jesus Is Mine!
         Am   G        D7       G
O What A Fore-taste Of Glory Di-vine
            C       F           C
Heir Of Sal-vation, Purchase Of God,
            Am  G                  C
Born Of His Spi-rit, Washed In His Blood.

Verse 2
            C        F          C
Perfect Sub-mission, Perfect De-light,
           Am  G        D7          G
Visions Of Rap-ture Now Burst On My Sight;
           C        F            C
Angels Des-cending, Bring From A-bove,
          Dm  G               C
Echoes Of Mer-cy, Whispers Of Love.

Verse 3
            C        F         C
Perfect Sub-mission, All Is At Rest,
        Am  G      D7        G
I In My Sav-ior Am Happy And Blest;
             C        F         C
Watching And Waiting, Looking A-bove,
                Dm   G                 C
Filled With His Good-ness, Lost In His Love.


           C      F          C
This Is My Story, This Is My Song,
            Am     D           G
Praising My Savior All The Day Long;
           C      F          C
This Is My Story, This Is My Song,
            Dm  G               C
Praising My Sav-ior All The Day Long.