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Come And Dine

(G,*B 4/4 Fast, By S.H. Bolton)

Verse 1
G                                     C
Jesus Has The Table Spread, Where The Saints Of God Are Fed.
      D                                 G
He In-vites His Chosen People "Come And Dine;"
With His Manna He Doth Feed, And Sup-plies Our Every Need;
       D                               G
O ‘Tis Sweet To Sup With Jesus All The Time!

Verse 2
G                                  C
The Disciples Came To Land, Thus O-beying Christ’s Command,
        D                                   G
For The Master Calleth Unto Them, "Come And Dine:"
There They Found Their Hearts’ Desire, Bread And Fish Upon The Fire;
        D                           G
Thus He Satisfies The Hungry Every Time

Verse 3
G                                        C
Soon The Lamb Will Take His Bride, To Be Ever At His Side,
        D                             G
All The Host Of Heaven Will Assembled Be;
O, ‘Twill Be A Glorious Sight, All The Saints In Spotless White;
         D                             G
And With Jesus They Will Feast Eternal-ly,

"Come And Dine," The Master Calleth,
"Come And Dine," [ O Come And Dine ]
        A7                            D
You May Feast At Jesus’ Table All The Time; [ O Come And Dine ]
       G                             C
He Who Fed The Multitude. Turned The Water Into Wine.
       D                             G
To The Hungry Calleth Now. "Come And Dine"