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He Brought Me Out

(C,*E 4/4 Fast, words-Henry Zelley, music-Henry Gilmour)

Verse 1
My Heart Was Distressed ‘Neath Jehovah’s Dread Frown,
    F          C                            G
And Low In The Pit Where My Sins Dragged Me Down;
  C                          F
I Cried To The Lord From The Deep Miry Clay,
    C                        G      C
Who Tenderly Bro’t Me Out To Golden Day.
Verse 2
He Placed Me Upon The Strong Rock By His Side,
   F            C                          G
My Steps Were E-stablished And Here I’ll A-bide;
   C                       F
No Danger Of Falling While Here I Remain,
    C                            G       C
But Stand By His Grace Until The Crown I Gain.
Verse 3
He Gave Me A Song, ‘Twas A New Song Of Praise,
   F          C                            G
By Day And By Night Its Sweet Notes I Will Raise,
   C                         F
My Heart’s Over Flowing, I’m Happy And Free,
     C                           G       C
I’ll Praise My Redeemer, Who Has Rescued Me.
He Bro’t Me Out Of The Miry Clay,
He Set My Feet On The Rock To Stay,
C                    F
He Puts A Song In My Soul Today,
  C                     G  C
A Song Of Praise, Halle-lu-jah.