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He Brought Me Out

Words by Henry Zelley, Music byHenry Gilmour

Verse 1
My Heart Was Distressed ‘Neath Jehovah’s Dread Frown,
And Low In The Pit Where My Sins Dragged Me Down;
I Cried To The Lord From The Deep Miry Clay,
Who Tenderly Bro’t Me Out To Golden Day.

Verse 2

He Placed Me Upon The Strong Rock By His Side,
My Steps Were Established And Here I’ll Abide;
No Danger Of Falling While Here I Remain,
But Stand By His Grace Until The Crown I Gain.

Verse 3

He Gave Me A Song, ‘Twas A New Song Of Praise,
By Day And By Night Its Sweet Notes I Will Raise,
My Heart’s Over Flowing, I’m Happy And Free,
I’ll Praise My Redeemer, Who Has Rescued Me.


He Bro’t Me Out Of The Miry Clay,
He Set My Feet On The Rock To Stay,
He Puts A Song In My Soul Today,
A Song Of Praise, Halle-lu-jah.