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He Lives

(G,*D 4/4 Fast, By A.H.Ackley)

Verse 1
I Serve A Risen Savior, He’s In The World Today;
                  A7                       D
I Know That He Is Living, Whatever Men May Say;
I See His Hand Of Mercy, I Hear His Voice Of Cheer,
    A                             A7     D
And Just The Time I Need Him He’s Always Near.

Verse 2
In All The World Around Me I See His Loving Care,
                        A7                     D
And Tho’ My Heart Grows Weary I Never Will Des-pair;
I Know That He Is Leading Thro’ All The Stormy Blast,
    A                         A7      D
The Day Of His Appearing Will Come At Last.

Verse 3
Rejoice, Rejoice, O Christian, Lift Up Your Voice And Sing
              A7                         D
Eternal Halle-lujahs To Jesus Christ The King!
The Hope Of All Who Seek Him, The Help Of All Who Find,
     A                      A7       D
None Other Is So Loving, So Good And Kind.

   G                C                  G
He Lives, He Lives, Christ Jesus Lives Today!
   D                 G               A7                 D
He Walks With Me And Talks With Me A-long Life’s Narrow Way.
   G                    C            B
He Lives, He Lives, Sal-vation To Im-part!
    G            C                 G         D     G
You Ask Me How I Know He Lives! He Lives Within My Heart.