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Heaven’s Jubilee

(C,*C 4/4 Fast, By G.T.Speer)

Verse 1
Some Glad Morning We Shall See Jesus In The Air,
                          D              G
Coming After Your And Me, Joy Is Ours To Share;
What Rejoicing There Will Be When The Saints Shall Rise,
                         G7            C
Headed For That Jubilee, Yonder In The Skies.

Verse 2
Seems That Now I Almost See All The Sainted Dead,
                         D            G
Rising For That Jubilee, That Is Just Ahead;
In The Twinkling Of An Eye, Changed With Them To Be,
                             G7          C
All The Living Saints To Fly To That Jubilee

Verse 3
When With All That Heavenly Host We Begin To Sing,
                           D                    G
Singing In The Holy Ghost, How The Heavens Will Ring;
Millions There Will Join The Song, With Them We Shall Be
                                G7           C
Praising Christ Thru Ages Long, Heaven’s Jubilee.

Oh, What Singing, Oh, What Shouting,
                              G         G7
On That Happy Morning When We All Shall Rise;
Oh, What Glory, Hallelujah!
                                G7     C
When We Meet Our Blessed Savior In The Skies.