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Let The Lower Lights Be Burning

(G,*D 3/4 Slow Orig Key:Bb) by Philip P. Bliss 1871

Verse 1 (Intro: Last 2 lines of Chorus. G,C,G,D7,G)
         G                  C
Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy,
         A              D7
From His Lighthouse Evermore.
       G                   C
But to Us He Gives the Keeping
       G        D7       G
Of the Lights a-long the Shore.
Verse 2
         G                C
Dark the Night of Sin Has Settled,
         A             D7
Loud the Angry Billows Roar;
      G                  C
Eager Eyes Are Watching, Longing,
        G        D7       G
For the Lights a-long the Shore.
Verse 3
          G               C
Trim Your Feeble Lamp, My Brother
          A              D7
Some Poor Sailor Tempest Tossed,
       G               C
Trying Now to Make the Harbor,
       G        D7     G
In the Darkness May Be Lost.
        C               G

Let the Lower Lights Be Burning!
       A2 (or A)        D7
Send a Gleam Across the Wave!
          G                    C
Some Poor Fainting, Struggling Seaman
        G       D7      G
You May Rescue, You May Save.