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Life’s Railway to Heaven

(G,*B 4/4 Fast) by Charlie D Tilman v 1950

Verse 1
Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad
        C                 G
With An Engineer, That Is Brave

We Must Make, The Run Successful
         A7              D
From The Cradle Unto The Grave.
Watch The Curves, The Fills, The Tunnels
      C            G
Never Falter Never Fail

Keep Your Hands, Upon The Throttle,
         D7           G
And Your Eye Upon The Rail.

Verse 2

As You Roll Across The Trestle
         C                 G
Spanning Jordan’s Swelling Tide

You Behold The Union Depot
     A7                    D
Into Which Your Train Will Glide
There You’ll Meet The Superintendent,
         C               G
God, The Father, God The Son,

With A Hearty, Joyous Welcome
      D7               G
Weary Pilgrim, Welcome Home.

        C               G                                  D
Blessed Savior Thy Will Guide Us, Till We Reach That Other Shore
          G              C               G          D7   G
Where The Angels Wait To Join Us, In Thy Praise For-ever More.