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Looking For A City

(G,*G 4/4 Fast,By Marvin Dalton)

Verse 1
G                      C
Here Among The Shadows In A Lonely Land,
G                             D7
We’re Band Of Pilgrims On The Move;
G                           C
Burdened Down With Sorrows, Shunned On Every Hand,
G             D    D7      G
Looking For A City Built A-bove.

Verse 2
G                        C
Here In Disabppointment, We So Sadly Roam,
G                                   D7
Friends No Longer Speak One Word Of Love;
G                          C
We Have Found Contentment, Promised Us A Home,
G             D    D7      G
Looking For A City Built A-bove.

Verse 3
G                        C
In This Land Of Dangers, Going Here And There,
G                                D7
Trusting In The Blessed Savior’s Love;
G                         C
Tho’ We May Be Strangers, In This World Of Care,
G             D    D7      G
Looking For A City Built A-bove.

G                   C                 G
Looking For A City, Where We’ll Never Die,
C                 G         A7             D – D7
There The Sainted Millions, Never Say Good-By,
G                             C                   G
There, We’ll Meet Our Savior, And Our Loved Ones, Too,
C           G       A7-D7               G
Come O Holy Spirit, All    Our Hopes Re-new.