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O How I Love Jesus

4/4 ()


1) There Is a Name I Love to Hear,

2) It Tells Me of a Savior's Love,

3) It Tells Me What My Father Hath

4) It Tells of One Whose Loving Heart

1) I Love to Sing its Worth;

2) Who Died to Set Me Free;

3) In Store for Ev'ry Day,

4) Can Feel My Deepest Woe,

1) It Sounds like Music in Mine Ear,

2) It Tells Me of His Precious Blood,

3) And Tho I Tread a Darksome Path,

4) Who in Each Sorrow Bears a Part,

1) The Sweetest Name on Earth.

2) The Sinner's Perfect Plea.

3) Yields Sunshine All the Way.

4) That None Can Bear below.


Oh, How I Love Jesus,

Oh, How I Love Jesus,

Oh, How I Love Jesus,

Because He First Loved Me!