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Oh, I Want To See Him

(G,*D 4/4 Fast)

Verse 1
G                            C            G
As I Journey Thro The Land, Singing As I Go,
Pointing Souls To Calvary – To The Crimson Flow,
Many Arrows Pierce My Soul, From Without, Within,
                                   D      G
But My Lord Leads Me On, Thro’ Him I Must Win.

Verse 2
G                            C               G
When In Service For My Lord, Dark May Be The Night,
G                                                 D
But I’ll Cling More Close To Him, He Will Give Me Light.
Satan’s Snares May Vex My Soul, Turn My Thoughts Aside,
                                   D     G
But My Lord Goes Ahead, Leads What’er Be-tide.

Verse 3
G                          C                   G
When In Valleys Low I Look Tow’rd The Mountain Height
And Behold My Saviour There, Leading In The Fight,
With A Tender Hand Outstretched Tow’rd The Valley Lo
                            D      G
Guiding Me, I Can See, As I Onward Go.

G                      C             G
Oh, I Want To See Him, Look Upon His Face,
There To Sing Forever Of His Saving Grace,
G                       C              G
On The Streets Of Glory Let Me Lift My Voice,
                             D          G
Cares All Past, Home Atlast, Ever To Re-joice.