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Onward, Christian Soldiers

C,*__ 4/4 Slow by Arthur Sullivan

Verse 1

C                  G                        C
On-ward, Christian Soldiers, Marching as to War,
                  C/G G   D           G
With the Cross of Je- sus Going on Be-fore;
                  C                         F
Christ, the Royal Master, Leads Against the Foe;
Forward into Battle, See His Banners Go!

Verse 2
C              G                          C
At the Sign of Triumph, Satan's Host Doth Flee;
                    C/G G      D           G
On, Then, Christian Sol-diers, on to Victo-ry;
                   C                      F
Hell's Foundations Quiver at the Shout of Praise:
Brothers, Lift Your Voices, Loud Your Anthems Raise!

Verse 3
C                 G                      C
On-ward, Then; Ye People, Join Our Happy Throng;
                     C/G G  D              G
Blend with Ours Your Voices in the Triumph Song;
                C                     F
Glory, Laud and Honor unto Christ the King.
This Thro' Countless Ages Men and Angels Sing.

C                           F              C
Onward, Christian Soldiers! Marching as to War,
                        F          C
With the Cross of Jesus Going on Before.