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Sometimes Hallelujah

(C,*E 4/4 Slow)

C               G  F   G                      C      Am
Sometimes Halle-lu-jah,  Sometimes Praise The Lord
                 F       G                   C
Sometimes Gently Singing,  Our Hearts In One Accord

Verse 1
C         G        C
Oh Let Us Lift Our Voices
F                G                C
Look Towards The Sky And Start To Sing
F         G              C
Oh Let Us Now Return Thy Love
F                   G
Just Let Our Voices Ring
C         G        C
Oh Let Us Feel His Presence [Yes Lord]
F                G                C
Let The Sound Of Praises Fill The Air
F         G                C           F               G7
Oh Let Us Sing The Song Of Jesus Love, To People Every-where

Verse 2

C          G      C
Oh Let Our Joy Be Unconfined
F                G            C
Let Us Sing With Freedom Unre-strained
F                G                   C
Let Us Take This Feeling That We Are Feeling Now
F                                   G
Outside These Walls And Just Let It Ring
C          G      C
Oh Let Thy Spirit Overflow
F           G                   C
Lord We Are Filled From Head To Toe
F          G                C           F                   G7
I Love You Father, Son, And Holy Ghost, I Want The World To Know