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The Lily Of The Valley

(C,*E 4/4 Slow, English Melody)

Verse 1
       C                             F             C
I Have Found A Friend In Jesus, He’s Everything To Me,
He’s The Fairest Of Ten Thousand To My Soul;
    C                      F
The Lily Of The Valley, In Him Alone I See,
      C                   G             C
All I Need To Cleanse And Make Me Fully Whole.
   F                          C
In Sorrow He’s My Comfort, In Trouble He’s My Stay
He Tells Me Every Care On Him To Roll.
Verse 2
     C                           F
O He All My Grief Has Taken, And All My Sorrows Borne,
        C                                G
In Temp-tation He’s My Strong And Mighty Tower;
       C                         F
I Have All For Him Forsaken, And All My Idols Torn,
        C                 G               C
From My Heart, And Now He Keeps Me By His Power.
       F                             C
Though All The World Forsake Me, And Satan Tempts Me Sore,
Through Jesus I Shall Safely Reach The Goal;
Verse 3
        C                          F              C
He Will Never, Never Leave Me, Nor Yet Forsake Me Here
While I Live By Faith And Do His Blessed Will;
  C                           F
A Wall Of Fire About Me, I’ve Nothing Now To Fear,
         C           G                 C
With His Manna He My Hungry Soul Shall Fill.
     F                        C
Then Sweeping Up To Glory, To See His Blessed Face,
Where Rivers Of Delight Shall Ever Roll!
         C                       F
He’s The Lily Of The Valley, The Bright And Morning Star
         C              G              C
He’s The Fairest Of Ten Thousand To My Soul.