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The Old Rugged Cross

(G,*B 4/4 Slow)

Verse 1
     G                       C
On A Hill Far Away, Stood An Old Rugged Cross
    D                       G
The Emblem Of Suffering And Shame
And I Love That Old Cross, Where The Dearest And Best
      D                         G - C - G
For A World Of Lost Sinners Was Slain.
Verse 2
        G                    C
Oh That Old Rugged Cross, So Despised By The World
      D                       G
Has A Wondrous Attraction For Me
For The Dear Lamb Of God, Left His Glory Above
   D                     G - C - G
To Bear It To Dark Calva-ry
Verse 3
       G                        C
To The Old Rugged Cross, I Will Ever Be True
     D                         G
It’s Shame And Reproach Gladly Bear
Then He’ll Call Me Some Day, To My Home Far Away
          D                  G - C - G
Where His Glory Forever I’ll Share.

        D                      G
So I’ll Cherish The Old Rugged Cross
        C                      G
Till My Trophies At Last I Lay Down
I Will Cling To The Old Rugged Cross
       G              D         G - C - G
And Ex-change It Some-day For A Crown.