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Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

(G,*B 4/4 Slow, By J, Kirkpatrick)

Verse 1
G               C           G
Tis So Sweet To Trust In Je-sus,
                (Am)    D
Just To Take Him At His Word;
G            C        G
Just To Rest Upon His Promise;
        C           D7        G
Just To Know, "Thus Saith The Lord."

Verse 2
G             C          G
I’m So Glad I Learned To Trust Thee,
               (Am)     D
Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend;
      G         C             G
And I Know That Thou Art With Me,
        C       D7     G
Wilt Be With Me To The End.

G                         D
Jesus, Jesus, How I Trust Him;
G                  (Am)      D
How I’ve Prov’d Him O’er And O’er;
G             C           G
Jesus, Jesus, Precious Je-sus!
      C        D7        G
O For Grace To Trust Him More.