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Victory in Jesus

(G,*G 4/4 Fast)

Verse 1
  G                              C                G
I Heard An Old, Old Story, How A Savior Came From Glory,
                                    A7                 D
How He Gave His Life On Calvary, To Save A Wretch Like Me;
  G                                C                  G
I Heard About His Groaning, Of His Precious Blood’s A-toning
                               D              G
Then I Repented Of My Sins And Won The Victor-y

Verse 2
                                  C                  G
I Heard About His Healing, Of His Cleansing Power Re-vealing,
                                        A7                  D
How He Made The Lame To Walk Again, And Caused The Blind To See
    G                                   C              G
And Then I Cried, "Dear Jesus, Come And Heal My Broken Spirit,"
And Somehow Jesus Came And Brought To Me The Victory.

Verse 3
  G                             C               G
I Heard About A Mansion, He Has Built For Me In Glory,
                                       A7                 D
And I Heard About The Streets Of Gold, Beyond The Crystal Sea;
  G                                C              G
A-bout The Angels Singing, And The Old Redemption Story,
                                           D              G
And Some Sweet Day I’ll Sing Up There, The Song Of Victor-y.

    G                    C           G
Oh, Victory In Jesus, My Savior, For-ever,
                              A7            D
He Sought Me And Bo’t Me With His Redeeming Blood,
   G                            C              G
He Loved Me Ere I Knew Him, And All My Love Is Due Him,
                             D                   G
He Plunged Me To Victory, Be-neath The Cleansing Flood