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Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty

(C,*E 4/4 Slow T=58-68, words/music by Bob Fitts, SPW-7)


C2                       Dm2       Dm7
Father in Heaven, How We Love You;
    G                         C
We  Lift Your Name in All the Earth.
C                                      Dm2     Dm7
May Your Kingdom Be Established in Our Praises,
        F          F/G              C
As Your People De-clare Your Mighty Works


G              C    Em7    F      Dm7
Blessed Be the Lord God Al-mighty

    F/G            G     C
Who Was and Is and Is to Come;

G              C    Em7    F
Blessed Be the Lord God Al-mighty

    F/G        G    C
Who Reigns for Ever-more.