Gethsemane, Destiny!

(Dm,*D  4/4 Slow by Bill Bay)

Verse 1
Dm      Gm        Dm    Gm         Dm  A7
Gethsemane, Destiny.  Jesus lonely plea
Dm            Am    Dm                 Gm
Father if you will, take this cup from me,
Dm              C           Dm
Now my hour has come, destiny!

Verse 2
Dm      Gm        Dm    Gm      Dm - A7
Gethsemane, Destiny.  Jesus agony
Dm              Am    Dm                 Gm
God's redeeming grace soon would come to be,
Dm           C                  Dm
Jesus was to shed His blood for me.

Verse 3
Dm      Gm        Dm     Dm       Dm - A7
Gethsemane, Destiny.  He died for me.
Dm              Am   Dm                   Gm
God gave us His Son, thus the vict'ry was won,
Dm             C          Dm
Jesus died for me on Calvary.

Verse 4
Dm      Gm        Dm     Gm            Dm - A7
Gethsemane, Destiny.  He will come for me.
Dm             Am   Dm                  Gm
I shall follow Him, thru this world I'm in,
Dm          C          Dm
Jesus shall be my destiny.