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Glory to the Lamb

C,*E 4/4 Slow 
by Larry Dempsey T60-68 SPW-59


C      G/B
Glory, Glory
F/A   Dm/F     G
Glory to   the Lamb,
C      G/B G
Glory, Glo-ry
Dm    G7     Csus - C
Glory to the Lamb,
/C  /D /E F     G/F
For He Is Glori-ous,
    Em           Am
And Worthy to Be Praised,
    Dm7    G       Bb/C - C
The Lamb u-pon the Throne.
    F    G/F
And unto Him
   Em       Am
We Lift Our Praise,
    Dm7    G7      C
The Lamb u-pon the Throne.