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Holy Ground, Standing On

C,*C 4/4 Slow T72-80 SPW-p86, PW1-p741
by Geron Davis


       D    Asus/E - D/F#   G    D/F#- A/E - D
       C    Gsus/D - C/E    F    C/E - G/D - C
We Are Stan-ding,        on Holy Ground,

      F#m7                B7           Em7 - A
      Em7                 A7           Dm7 - G
And I Know That There Are Angels All A-round;

       D/F#- Asus/E - D/F# G     D/F#- A/E - D
       C/E - Gsus/D - C/E  F     C/E - G/D - C
Let Us Praise              Jesus Now,

G      D/F#     G      D/A          A7   Dsus - D  
F      C/E      F      C/G          G7   Csus - C  (A7 to Key D)
We Are Standing in His Presence,
on Holy Ground