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Jesus Is Coming Soon

(C,*E 4/4 Fast by R.E.Winsett)

Verse 1
            C     G   C                   Am     E    Am
Troublesome times are here, filling men's hearts with fear,
           C   G    C              G - D - G
Freedom we all hold dear now is at stake;
              C     G  C              Am    E    Am
Humbling your heart to God saves from chast'ning rod,
             C   G     C     G7            C - F - C
Seek the way pil-grims trod, Christians, a-wake.
Verse 2
           C   G C                  Am   E  Am
Love of so man-y cold, losing their home of gold,
              C    G  C           G - D - G
This in God's Word is told, evils abound;
                 C    G  C                 Am  E  Am
When these signs come to pass, nearing the end at last,
             C   G C     G7            C - F - C
It will come ver-y fast, trumpets will sound.
Verse 3
              C    G  C               Am E   Am
Troubles will soon be o'er, happy for e--ver-more,
             C  G    C                    G - D - G
When we meet on that shore, free from all care;
          C  G   C                 Am    E    Am
Rising up in the sky, telling this world good-bye,
            C    G    C    G7       C - F - C
Homeward we then will fly, glory to share.


         C   F   C                C     G  C
Jesus is com-ing soon, morning or night or noon, 
          Am   E     Am                  G - D7 - G
Many will meet their doom, trumpets will sound;
           C    F     C                    C  G   C
All of the dead shall rise, Righteous meet in the skies, 
            Am E   Am    G7         C - F - C
Going where no one dies, heavenward bound.