The Greatest Gift

(Dm,*D by Phil Perkins, Word Inc.)

Verse 1
           Dm - C            Dm
My hands I give - to use for Thee,
              Bb - Am           Dm
For Yours are torn    from Calvary
                 Bb - Am               Dm
Those hands that knew    a carpenter's trade
                 Eb - Bb     C     Dm
Were nailed that day     for me to save.

Verse 2
           Dm - C             Dm
My heart I pledge to love for Thee.
              Bb - Am         Dm
For yours did break   on Calvary.
             Bb - Am            Dm
A heart that knew    no love in death.
           Eb - Bb             Dm
My heart I give    its love to shed.

Verse 3
          Dm - C             Dm
My life I give   to live for Thee,
              Bb - Am         Dm
For Yours you gave    on Calvary.
           Bb - C           Dm
A life God sent   to set us free.
             Eb - Bb   C       Dm
Here, Lord I give   my life to Thee.

           Bb            F - D7
No greater gift can ever be
                Gm - C7             Dm - F7
Than that which God     did give to me
         Bb             F
For long ago He gave to us
             Eb - Gm       Bb     Dm
The greatest gift    we'll e're receive.