Feels So Right

(C/*? Orig:Eb, mfb Alabama: by ???) disclaimer

Verse 1: (Intro: C,F,C,F)
C             Em              F2            F
Whisper to Me Softly, Breathe Words upon My Skin
   C              Em               F2                    F
No One’s near and Listenin’ In, So Please Don’t Say Good-bye
     Am                F        Am                F
Just Hold Me Close and Love Me, Press You Lips to Mine
Dm-G           C      F            C      F
Mmmm  Feels So Right,     Feels So Right

Verse 2
C             Em                    F2             F
Lying Here Be-sides You, I Hear the Echo’s of Your Sigh’s
C                 Em               F2              F
Promise Me You’ll Stay with Me and Keep Me Warm To-night
   Am                F        Am              F
So Hold Me Close and Love Me, Give My Heart a Smile
Dm   G           C      F           C
Mmmm... Feels So Right,    Feels So Right.
(Key Change to D: Em, F#m, G, A7)

Verse 3 (If no key change)
     D(C)          F#m(Em)       G2(F2)        G(F)
Your Body Feels So Gentle and My Passion Rises High
     D(C)            F#m(Em)    G2(F2)     G(F)
Your Loving Me Is So Easy, Your Wish Is My Command.
   Bm(Am)            G(F)     Bm(Am)           G(F)
So Hold Me Close and Love Me, Tell Me it Won’t End
Em(Dm) A(G)         D(C)   G(F)        D(C)   G(F)
Mmmm...    Feels So Right,    Feels So Right.
G(F)     D(C)
Feels So Right...
(Fade W/music)
D - G - D - G - D (Fading...)