(C/*?, mfb Conway Twitty: by ???) disclaimer

Verse 1 (Intro:  F G/F Am/F G/F)
C               Am            G
You Were Always There for Me, Julia
C        Am                G
I Was So Afraid to Fall in Love
F                        G-F
I Thought You'd Wait for Me
F                    C
Is it to Late for Me Now,
Have You Given up?
C                Am        G
Now it must Have Hurt You, Julia
C                Am         G
Waiting for Your Love to Be Return
F                G-F
I Never Knew How,
F                      C
What Can I Do Now That I
Have Finally Learned.
(Music Only: C Am G C Am G F G/F Am/F G/F)
Verse 2
C                    Am              G
I Never Thought That Love Would Hurt Me
C                    Am                 G
Now I Tremble at the Thought of Loosing You
F                                G-F
And All the Perfect Words Desert Me Now,
F              C
Just Incase it Matters,
I Love You
C               Am             G
May I Have this Dance with You Julia
C                Am                G
Won't You Let Me Hold You One More Time
F                G-F
The Music Is over,
F                             C
But I'll Hold You Closer this Time.
G          C
Julia, Julia
(Music Only: C Am G C Am G F G/F Am/F G/F C)