I Swear

(CD=Db, C/E?, mfb John M Montgomery '94: by ???) disclaimer

Notes               |D-C  |D-C  |ッE-G|D-E-F-G-A|C
Intro: PIANO-Chorus |C    |Am   |Em  |G        |C    (Repeat)
Verse 1
C           F         Dm      C
- I See the Questions in Your Eyes
              G        Em      Am
I Know What痴 Weighing on Your Mind
               Em     F       G
But You Can Be Sure I Know My Part
      C             F        Dm          C
Cause I'll Stand Be-side You Through the Years.
            G         Em    Am
You値l Only Cry Those Happy Tears
                 Em             F                     G
And Though, I値l Make Mistakes, I値l Never Break Your Heart
C               Am                        Em
I Swear, by the Moon and the Stars in the Sky
I値l Be There
  C               Am                    Em
I Swear, like the Shadow That痴 by Your Side
I値l Be There
    F                     G
For Better or Worse, till Death Do Us Part.
     F                   G
I値l Love You with Every Beat of My Heart
  C       |D-C  |D-C  |ッE-G|D-E-F-G-A|C |
I Swear   |C    |Am   |Em  |G        |C |
Verse 2
C           F        Dm      C
- I値l Give You Everything I Can
                G           Em        Am
I値l Build Your Dreams with these Two Hands
                Em       F      G
We値l Hang Some Memories on the Wall
    C             F      Dm      C
And When, There痴 Silver in Your Hair
                  G      Em      Am
You Won稚 Have to Ask If I Still Care
              Em                 F                 G
Cause as Time Turns the Page, My Love Won稚 Age at All
(Guitar Lead (light distortion) - Chorus first 4 lines)
   Am   F - C
(End) I Swear