Your Ole Lady's Gone

G/*B by Steve Branch (words & music)

Verse 1: (Intro: G, C, G, D, G-C-G) (by Steve Branch)
G                      D
Me and my buddies went out one night
  C                                G
I got a little drunk and started a fight
When I got home my wife was gone
   C                                           G
My buddies started laughing and a singing this song.
Chorus: (2nd time to Bridge)
         G                      C
Your Ole Lady's Gone, Took everything that you owe
         G                     D                       G
Your Ole Lady's Gone, She done left you alone and gone bye-bye.
Verse 2:
G                         D
We'll I called my baby to beg her back
    C                                 G
But she said no it ain't as simple as that
So I started to cry and confess my sins
   C                                       G
My buddies started laughing and a singing again. (go to Chorus)
Bridge: (Talk)
                                     C                            G
Now you know how it is guys when you go out with you buddies, And stay out to late,
             D                                                      G
When you get home all of your stuff is in the yard, you know what I mean.
Verse 3:
G                          D
Well I straightened up and got my baby back
    C                                    G
Now she loves me because I cleaned up my act
So when my buddies call to go out again,
C                                G
I'll say no and start singing to them (go to Chorus 2)
Chorus 2:
       G                             C
My Ole Lady's Home, Brought back the things that we owe
       G                       D                  G
My Ole Lady's Home, So I ain't doing no wrong, So bye-bye (Repeat, the Ending)
Ending: (Talk)
G                                 C - G
Then I hung the phone up on them.