Holes In The Floor Of Heaven

(C/*E Slow 4/4), mfb Steve Warner (CD-Burnin' The Roadhouse Down)
by Billy Kirsch/Steve Warner

Intro: C, Em/B, Am7, F

Verse 1
C              Em/B                  Am7            Em/G
One day shy of eight years old, when Grandma passed away
        C              Em/B                Am                F
I was a broken hearted little boy, blowing out that birthday cake
C                    Em/B               Am                Em/G
How I cried when the sky let go, with a cold and lonesome rain,
C                  Em/B                Am                            F   G
Mamma smiled, said don't be sad child,     Grandma's watching you to-day

               F                     C               F                     C
'Cause there's holes in the floor of heaven, and her tears are pouring down,
       F                  C                           Dm          G
That's how you know she's watching, wishing she could be here now
             (when I'm)        (I'm)
    F                   C               F              Am7
And sometimes if you're lonely, Just re-member she can see
        F                     C                F                          C
There's holes in the floor of Heaven and she's,     Watching over you and me
                        C     Am7     C         F       C
(Lead after 2nd chorus: G,A,B,C,B,B,A,G,E,C,D,E,F,E,D,C,C,..D,C,D,C)

Verse 2
C                Em/B       Am7               Em/G
Seasons come and season go, nothing stays the same
C          Em/B                Am7              F
I grew up, fell in love, met a girl who took my name
C               Em/B                Am7           Em/G
Year by year we made a life in this sleepy little town
C                   Em/B          Am7                           F   G
I thought we'd grow old together,      Lord, I sure do miss her now
(repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
C                      Em/B  Am7               Em/G
Well my little girl is 23, I walk her down the aisle
       C                   Em/B            Am7            F
It's a shame her mom can't be here now, to see her lovely smile
     C                 Em/B                  Am7                Em/G
They throw the rice, I catch her eye, as the rain starts coming down
    C                        Em/B         Am                                 F  G
She takes my hand says daddy don't be sad,    'cause I know mamma's watching now
(repeat Chorus)