She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart

(G,* 4/4 Slow) mfb-Tim McGraw, by-??? disclaimer

Verse 1 (Intro: G Em C D)
Everywhere I go, they're staring at her
Every man I know, he wants to have her
C              D            G
I guess I otta be a jealous man.
I look the other way, they're hitting on her
Em                                      C
Every night and day, they telephone her
C                                       D
They try and get to her but I know they can't,
Cause she never lets it go__, to her heart,
She never lets it go__, that far,
     D                   Em
When they start talking, she starts walking,
D                C
Right back to my arms,
G         C          D
Whe could turn every head, but
    C                        G      Em C D
she never let's it go to her heart.  
Verse 2
She walks into a room and everybody
Em                                           C
Watches every move hopin' she don't love me,
I know it by the way, they hang around, 
what they don't realize there's more to her than
Em                                         C
What meets the eye, that's why I'm certain
C                                   D
No matter what they do to reach her now,
(Repeat Chorus)

G         C          D
She could turn every head , but
she never let's it go to her,
C                        G     Em C D G
Never let's it go to her heart