Something Like That

(F,*__ 4/4 Slow) mfb-Tim McGraw, by-Rick Ferrell and Keith Follese disclaimer

Verse 1 (Intro: F, Eb, Bb, Dm, C, F, Eb, Bb, C)
       F                       Eb
It was Labor Day weekend I was seventeen
I bought a Coke and some gasoline
F           Eb                Bb     C
And I drove out to the county fair
F                      Eb
When I saw her for the first time
She was standing there in the ticket line
F          Eb                     Bb
And it all started right then and there
C    Bb                C
Oh a sailor sky made a perfect sunset
Dm                    C
And thatís a day Iíll never forget

Chorus: (1st: I, 2nd: You)
        F                    C
I had a barbecue stain on my white T-shirt
            Bb                 C
She/You was killin' me in that mini-skirt
F                     C                 Dm  C     Bb
Skippiní rocks on the river by the railroad tracks
C             F               C
She/You had a suntan line and red lipstick
  Gm        Am       Bb         C
I worked so hard for that first kiss and a (3rd to Ending)
Dm    C        Bb  C              F    Eb-Bb-C
Heart donít forget something like that
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Verse 2

            F                     Eb
Well it was five years later on a southbound plane
I was headiní down to New Orleans
F                       Eb             Bb     C
To meet some friends of mine for Mardi Gras
F              Eb
When I heard a voice from the past
Cominí from a few rows back 
           F                     Eb              Bb
And when I looked I couldnít believe just what I saw, 
C          Bb                C
She said, ďI bet you donít remember meĒ
             Dm               C
And I said, ďOnly evíry other memoryĒ
Goto Chorus (You)

Music 1:
  F, Eb, Bb, Dm, C, F, Eb, Bb, Dm, C


Gm                              F
Like an old photograph time can make a feeling fade
        Bb                       C
But the memíry of the first love never fades away

(Note:  Do two quick strums for the next six chords)
Goto Chorus


Dm    C        Bb
Heart donít forget
      Dm    C        Bb
No, a heart donít forget
          Dm    C        Bb  C              F
I said, a heart donít forget something like that
Eb        Bb        Dm             C
            Oh, not something like that

Music 2:
F, Eb, Bb, C, F