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I'll Open My Heart

(C,*E 4/4 T080 R004) 2003 Michael Thomas (12/83)

Intro:  Last 2 lines of Chorus: C,F,G,C,Am,F,G,C
Verse 1

C      F            C       F-C
Hear I Am with Open Heart
         F                             C    F-C
A Little Change from the Way I Used to Be
           F                    C     F-C
And Now My Heart Is Filled with Joy
               G                   C
For once I Was Blind but Now I Can See

C            F     G      C
I'll Open My Heart and My Ears
  F           G                       C
I Want You to Guide Me Through All My Years
            F         G    C            Am
I'll Put on New Souls   to Walk in Your Way
      F   G            C
Every Day Anywhere You Say 
(Ending: Repeat last line.)

Verse 2
C       F                     C    F-C
Serving You Is What I Want to Do
         F                  C    F-C
Spend My Time Being True to You
C            F                    C     F-C
Walking with You Is How I Want to Walk
        G                    C
Side by Side Together We Can Talk