Dad's Sermon on Marriage

2004 Michael Thomas (10/14/04)

Verse 1
Let's have a father son talk on marriage.
I want to share some wisdom I've gained with age.
Be a man of integrity.
Flexible, and trust worthy.
You'll never regret doing what's right.
So live a godly life.

Verse 2
Find a partner with those qualities.
Look for stability and purity
There's no heartbreak for those who wait.
It's a first-rate keepsake for you and your mate.
You want an open relationship,
A life long friendship.

Bridge (16 bars)
The woman that you marry is not the woman you divorce
This statement is packed, but it's a cold hard fact,
Many feel trapped, and want their life back.
You know you have success, if you have happiness.
So build strong virtue, to handle this issue
Here are some clues, on what to do.

Verse 3 (15 bars)
Give more than you take, her affection is at stake
Be attentive to her needs, you'll have less heartache.
One night of sin will destroy what she believed in
You'll live in the shadows of what might have been.
So I leave you these words, to give you an edge.
That's Dad's sermon on marriage
Remember Dad's sermon on marriage.
Good luck son!