Forever is an Eternity (Funeral Song)

(C,*A 4/4 T080 (new T110-3:30) R???(DR) 4:57 Range:10-L6-H2) 2005 Michael Thomas (08/02/05, v1 08/02/05)

Intro: 6m, 4, 6m, 4 (4bars)
Verse 1 
6m                      4      6m         5
It's a beautiful silver box surrounded by flowers
6m               4                 6m             5
The pictures are precious, but for me it's a dark hour.
  4                3m            6m                4
I don't feel I can make it, just hanging onto your memory
6m              7b         4                 1    .
So I stand here wondering, why did you leave me?

Chorus (17bars)
   4           5           1       6m
Forever is an eternity without you
     2m       5                  1   .
This hour has come and I need to cry
    4            5             1             6m
But we will be together in the sweet bye and bye
   2m          5           4   1
Forever is an eternity without you

Verse 2 (17bars)
6m               4         6m          5
One of us had to go first, I guess you won
6m          4    6m              5
We'll meet again when my life is done
4                  3m        6m              4
But right now, the sorrow is more than I can bare.
6m              7b  4                 1     .
So help me hold on  til I meet you up there.

Bridge (9bars)
   7b     4                   1
Today I'm suppose to say good bye,
         7b   4        1
But your body looks so cold.
  7b              4             1
I know you're not there so I'll try,
      7b            4       5    .
But I wish you were here to hold.

(Rhyme: V:A,A,B,B C:A,B,B,A B:A,B,A,B)