Girlfriends with Granny Faces

2003 Michael Thomas & Ardis Thomas (Mom)

Verse 1
Years ago my granny told me about her girlfriends. 
Where love meant sacrifice and true love never ends. 
They would never let their man the wash the dishes 
Never do anything against his wishes. 
They would said, "Do all you can, just to please your man. 
When exhausted at night, still treat your man right." 
That's how grannies treat their man. ... So

I like girlfriends ... with ... granny faces 
Their love grows ... as it ages 
They put themselves last, Oh boy that's a thing of the past. 
The past embraces, girlfriends ... with ... granny faces. 

Verse 2 
Today, the modern woman raises her eyebrow
Saying "It was you then, (ha ha) but it's me now. 
Worshiping your man is a thing of the past. 
Woman's rights is here and it's gonna last. 
She says, I'm your woman, if I'm treated with an equal hand. 
When exhausted at night, don't expect me to treat you right."
That's how the modern woman treats her man ... But

Take me back to the old and removed,
It's sweeter than the new and improved.
Where love lives longer and love grows stronger
I want some granny style lovin' in my modern style livin' ... So
(Thanks to Granny Beland for the hook phrase, my Mom & my wife.)