I Remember Love

2003 Michael Thomas

Verse 1 
I remember when, my daddy pitched his fast ball
I felt like Babe Ruth, when I saw the proud look in Dad's eyes
I remember when, on prom night Cindy stood me up
Mom's golden hugs, made everything alright

I remember Love, and Love remembers me
It's that feeling in my heart, that special memory,
It's a smile in time of joy, a hug in time of need,
I remember Love, and Love remembers me

Verse 2 
I remember when, I knelt down on bended knee
I popped the question, she said yes, we shared kisses.
I remember when, I first held my baby boy
His little feet and fingers, filled all my senses

Love, she is kind, Love, she is mine
Love, never get's bored, when I come back for more