I Remember Love
(Songwriter's Sketches)

Song Structure: Verse/Chorus ( VCVCBC )

Song Idea:  It's easier to describe times in which we remember feeling love than it is to describe what love is.   Love is a feeling in the heart, a special memory, a smile in time of joy, a hug in time of need.   "I remember love and love remembers me" is the hook.  The hook is driven home by small 2 line stories in each verse about times in which the singer remembers love the most: his parents (mom & dad), first marriage, and first baby.  In the Bridge, Love doesn't get bored when I come back for more.

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Song Structure/Story

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Rhyme Scheme

Song Origin

Originally, this song was suppose to be a song about the topic "Love is ...".  In doing my research and asking people to describe love I found out that it's hard to describe love but it's easy to describe memories of love.  I was about ready to drop the song and move on when I thought "I Remember Love and Love Remembers Me".  I felt that this was a strong hook so I wrote the song.