Just Wondering Why

2003 Michael Thomas
(Inspired by Son's accident & Dad's Alzhiemer)

Verse 1 
When my son was almost four, he found a pocket knife on the floor
The emergency doc said with a sigh, pray he won't loose his eye.
Even though it's been many years, I can still feel those tears
When I held my son's little hand, trying to understand.


Just wondering why,  Just wondering why
Lord I know you are here, and I know that you care
I'm down on my knees, Lord show me please
Or I'll always be, ... just wondering why. (2x to Bridge)

Verse 2 
When my dad was 60 years old, his memory began to fold
It just did not seem fair, my dad's mind wasn't there
There was nothing I could do, the doctors tried - everything they knew
I searched for a reason why, as time went by.


Lord, I know some things happen, because it's in your plan
Sometimes we pay for our sins, or we are at the mercy of nature's hand.
(To Chorus)