Leave A Legacy

(Em,*G 4/4 T120 R???(DR) 3:10 L?-H?) 2005 Michael Thomas (06/26/05, v1 06/26/05)

Intro: Em, C, Em, C (4 bars)
Verse 1 (16 bars)

Em                 C
I remember holding grandpa's (dad/mom) hand,
Em                      Am
Thinking, "I'm not sure if I can"
     C              Bm           Em      .
So I asked, "Will I ever live my dream?"
  C         D              Em    .
I hope it's easier than it seems
     D                         C            G   .
Then Sitting on the edge of my bed, Grandpa said,
Chorus (17 bars)
G-Gmaj7 C           D        
Leave a legacy, one song at a time.
     C                  D
Your fans will live and love through your songs.
       G           D       C            D
If you pursue your highest calling, you won't go wrong.
G-Gmaj7 C           D-D4-D        G - G4 - G
Leave a legacy, one song ... at a time.
Verse 2 (16 bars)
Em                       C
Find your dream and come walk with me
Em            Am
We can live a legacy
     C          Bm             Em   .
So I ask, "Will you believe in you"
     C      D       Em  .
It's all in what we do
     D                 C                   G            .
When doubts enter your head, remember what Grandpa said
Bridge (9 bars)
C                      D
I realize, when life's journey,
C                               D
takes me beyond the point of no return
         C                  D
There is only 2 things that matter:
           C         D             G   .
Where I am going and what I left behind.
(Rhyme: V:A,A,B,B,CC C:A,B,B,A B:A,B,C)