My Baby's Vain

(C,*G or D,G 2:49 T100 R001/R018 Range:?-L?-H?) 
by 2003 Michael Thomas & Windy Briggs (5/1/03, v2 09/18/04)

Verse 1 (Intro: First 2 lines of verse.)
    1                  .
Why does my baby doll, got to have it all?
5                     4               1
Diamonds & Rings, and all those fancy things
.                 .
Why so much pain, just to be vain?
5                       4             1
Wearing panty hose, and painting your toes
1                         .
Attention is what I want, when I strut & flaunt
       5                      4              1 
If you want to be my guy, you gotta catch my eye
  1                          .
Attention is what pays, in a woman's world today.
5                      4                 1
Help me live my dream, watch me plot and scheme


4                   1
My baby's vain, she likes to play games
    5                     4           1
You know I'm red hot, you like that a-lot
       4                        1                
You'll say "That baby's mine.", when I'm looking fine.
       5                                        1
. So I guess I'm to blame, that's why my baby's vain.
(1st time Talk #1, 2nd time Bridge, 3rd time Talk #2)

Talk 1: (Just Drums)
Honey, am I really that vain? 
Yeh baby, you drive me insane.
Talk 2: (Just Drums)
Honey, am I really that vain?
(Man) Nah baby, you got me trained. 

Verse 2

     1                    .
That night on the ground, when we fooled around
    5                      4              1
You messed up my hair, and rubbed my face bare
.                     .
Makeup and lip stick, makes your ticker tick
  5                   4            1
I dress to impress, expect nothing less
1                           .
Baby I love you plain, like Tarzan loves Jane.
5                            4              1
Sometimes less is best, take off that fancy dress
.                    .
Natural is cool, and baby you rule
5                    4               1
Your a little cutie, show your inner beauty

(Man & Woman)
  2m                       3m
I know it's superficial to be so artificial
    4                          5
But it's so fun to be, full of vanity
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(Special Thanks to: Charmaine Thomas (wife) and Stephen Thomas (son-15yrs old))