One Night Of Sin

2004 Michael Thomas (11/08/04)

Verse 1 
She was sweet sixteen, my hot-blooded Darlene
I touched places I'd never seen.
I'm not sure why, but afterwards she cried
Now looking back, was it worth my high?

Chorus 1
One night of sin
My innocence came to an end.
I chased forbidden dreams within.
After, one night of sin

Verse 2
Later I meet Peggy Lee, we had a family.
I promised, "I'm yours forever, just wait and see".
But I was never satisfied, no matter how hard I tried
I could not hide from the demons inside.

Chorus 2
One night of sin
I lost my best friend.
My family life came to an end.
After, one night of sin


Life was complicated, so I changed all that I hated.
Sin was over rated, godliness understated.
Years later in church, much wiser and smarter
I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder.

Chorus 3
One night of grace
Forgiveness was on her face
With her love again, my life fell back in place.
After, one night of grace