That's The Joy Of Being Married

2002 Michael & Charmaine Thomas

Verse 1
(Talk: Yeh, That's The Joy Of Being Married.  Let me start with the man's view.)
Oh baby, you look so fine, Come along and be mine
We'll get married, and live in Paradise, Oh Honey, it's gonna be nice.


That's the joy, of being married, 
Her loving smile makes it all worth while
So All the worries of the day seem to slip a-way

Verse 2 (2yrs Later)
Now Lady's, this is what you'll be saying 2 years later.
All I wanted was, a friend for life, All I have now, is nothing but strife,
Everybody says, take the good with the bad, Well frankly, I think I've been had

Verse 3 (Kids Later)

Talk: When you have kids, you'll relate to this one.
Here I am at work, doing just fine, Oh no, it's the kids calling one more time
What do they want?  I'm afraid to ask, Should have known, they just want cash

Verse 4 (Anytime Later)

Talk: Now Guys, this can happen to you at anytime.
Come home from work, to watch TV, Here comes my wife, she's a staring at me

By the look on her face, I know what she wants, here comes the honey dos and don'ts

Verse 5 (20 Years Later)

Talk: Now this is a satisfied, happily married man, 20 years later.
For 20 years now, she's been my wife, She's definitely, the love of my life
Together at night, when we make love, there's still thunder, in the heavens above.