Amazing Love

(Am,*A 4/4 T070 R174(DR) 4:15 Range:9-L5-H6 Country/AC/Pop) 2004 Michael Thomas (12/7/04, v1 12/7/04)

Intro: 2 bars (6m, 6m)
Verse 1 (10 bars)

6m           2m       6m
In his final hour she held his feeble hand.
    6m        2m       6m
She said, "He was an attractive man.
 1            5                6m
"On our first date, we went to Dairy Queen. 
      1             5            .            6m               .
After one root-beer float I knew,  he was the man of my dreams."
Verse 2 (10 bars) (0:43)
    6m            2m              6m
She said, "On the second date, he kissed my cheek.
   6m    2m              6m
My knees melted, I could barely speak.
        1         5                            6m
Then he read me a letter that said, "Mom, I've found my wife."
    1                     5       .        6m           .
And asked me if he should mail it,  and be his for life."
Chorus (12 bars) (1:16, 2:31, 3:26)
 4  5       6m    .
Ama....zing Love
       4   5                    6m    .
It's a longing, that grows with aging
 4  5                6m    .
Ama....zing, Amazing Love
Verse 3 (1:57)
    6m                    2m                6m
She said, "That night, 50 years ago, I said yes.
     6m                 2m      6m 
Then on my forehead and lips he gave me a kiss.
      1         5         6m
But tonight, he doesn't remember my name
    1         5        .          6m      .
But oh, how I love him,  just the same."
Bridge (3:12)
  1                 5         6m
I turned to her and said, his legacy will live on
    1                 5         6m
For I'll be there for you, when Dad has passed on
(Rhyme: V:A,A,B,B C:A,BB,A B:A,A)