I'd Marry You All Over Again

2003 Michael Thomas  
(duet or male/female)

Verse 1 (Man)
Years ago, I found a gem
It's more beautiful, that it was back then.
You're loving smile, you're sweet caress
Still fills my heart, with tenderness

Chorus (Man & Woman)
I'd marry you, all over again
I'd still reach out, and ask for your hand
I've don't regret, making you mine
I'd do it again, time after time
I'd marry you, all over again
It's a dream come true that will never end
Life is better than I/we could have planned
I'd marry you all over again.

Verse 2 (Woman)
Years ago, I found romance
And that did not, happen by chance
It must have been in God's design
To give me a love for a lifetime