Let's Start Forever Today

(G,*G 4/4 T0?? ?:?? Range:N?-L?-H? Country) 2013 Michael Thomas (12/2/13, v1 12/2/13)

Intro: 2 bars
Verse 1
   G    C                    D     .
Forever lives in the fate of time
    G              C          D     .
And I want you and time to be mine
     G        C    G                  C
So today I promise, I will love you until
   G          D           G     .
We both see forever stand still

G                .      C    .
. Let's start forever today
D        .    
Give our vows,
C             D
sealed with a kiss
G         .          C   .
. Take my hand right now
    G          D
And promise me this
C                D      G    .
. Let's start forever today

Verse 2
   G  C                    D
Today lives in the fate of love
  G             C                  D
A lasting love, given by the hand above
      G      C       G                  C
So forever I promise, I will love you until
   G          D         G     .
We both see today stand still

    Am         .                   G        .
Now fate to me, is a predetermined destiny
     Am         .    D                  .
So today and forever, join me in life's journey