Twenty Years Of Valentines

(C,*C 4/4 T070 R001 3:14 Range:?-L?-H?) 2004 Michael Thomas (2/12/04, v2 09/30/04)

Verse 1
        1                 6m      4               5 
For the creative touch of love, I made a floral arrangement for you. 
  1                    6m           4                           5
I felt a little out of place, but I couldn't wait to see the surprise on your face.
       4                   5                     1            6m 
It has mauve magnolia, and burgundy roses, cream grapes front center. 
4           5                    1             6m 
Antique artichokes & apples with crackle berry sprays 
2m                    5          3m                      6m 
Placed in a Victorian glass vase filled with small river stones 
4               5                  4           1 
Baby, here's my personal touch for 20 years of Valentines. 
Verse 2 
        1               6m               4                 5 
For the elegant look of love, we went to Whitehalls at the mall 
1                     6m        4                    5 
Pearls, Sapphires and diamonds, rings, bracelets and pendants 
         4                   5                        1             6m 
But I'll always remember the glow on your face as you held out your hand 
    4              5           1           6m 
The desire in your eyes for an emerald cut ruby, 
2m          5                 3m                    6m 
Placed on a yellow gold band, nestled between round diamonds 
4               5                     4           1 
Baby, here's my sentimental touch for 20 years of Valentines. 
3b               7b           4 
In the mirror of marriage, We feel reflections of romance 
   3b    7b        4 
We found purity in passion, 
      3b  7b     4 
And a freedom in faithfulness 
3b       7b      1 
Living a life of true love. 
Verse 3 
        1                6m      4                    5 
For the romantic feel of love, tonight a candle light dinner for two. 
1                6m     4       5 
Soft live guitar music, playing love songs 
     4                    5              1           6m 
I'll always remember your red dress, the curves, the kiss 
     4        5           1                 6m 
Your graceful glance, and warm I want you embrace 
2m                   5              3m             6m 
Placed in a night of memories, with romance in the air 
4              5               4           1 
Baby, will you give me another 20 years of Valentines?
(Rhyme: Verses: none Chorus: Alliteration only)